In just sixty years, family television night has changed from having a choice of two or three programs on an eight-inch black and white screen, to literally choosing from a universe of program and movie options at the touch of a button. The industry has quickly progressed to colour television, cable TV, paid programming and

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Choosing A Samsung LCD TV

High Definition Television is the new standard that will be mandated for British broadcasting in the next few years. With a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p, it offers unprecedented clarity of picture, and full digital sound specifications. There are many high definition television manufacturers, and one of the ones with the highest quality of product is

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Buying A Plasma TV

Plasma TVs offer a much higher resolution and better picture quality than TVs of old, and can also be used as great computer monitors as well. Gamers especially like using a Plasma TV due to the fact that they can get greater graphic detail and clearer pictures which helps to enhance game play, making it

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How To Buy An LCD TV

LCD TVs are incredibly popular, and prices continue to fall year after year. Yet they’re still relatively expensive – you can still expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 for many of the high-tech models with large screen sizes. If your goal is to find an LCD TV sale, you’re in luck: increased competition in

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Digital TV Channels

Digital TV is a method of transmitting the visual and aural components of a TV broadcast; it is similar to text and interactive services. An excellent picture quality is created by coding the data required for a channel to function in a digital stream. Digital streams need less space in the airwaves than analog ones,

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Direct Satellite TV/

What is direct satellite TV? You can utilize satellite dishes to carry out this type of satellite broadcasting. Prior to the early 1990s, when satellite television started to gain popularity, satellite dishes were pricey metal devices that took up a lot of yard area. In the past, those devoted TV fans would go to all

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